What Comes After Ganja Sabzi? Cocaine Ke Parathe?


What Comes After Ganja Sabzi? Cocaine Ke Parathe?

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

There have been a lot of lows during the pandemic but one family was definitely high this Saturday. Only accidental.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj, a vegetable seller sold ganja to a local Nitesh, claiming that it was methi. Nitesh went home and gave the packet to his sister-in-law. Around 4 pm, she cooked the ganja thinking it was methi and the family of six ate ganja sabzi around 5 pm.

The vegetable seller had sold ganja instead of methi as a “joke” but it was only fun and games until the family’s health started deteriorating. The family asked their neighbours to call the doctor and soon some of them started fainting. It was taken to the hospital and the police were also informed.

Police detained the vegetable seller for his “cruel joke”. Upon investigation, they found the cooked ganja sabzi in a kadhai as well uncooked ganja left in the packet. Cops seized all the weed. While Nitesh’s family almost had a health scare, social media users were tripping.

Who can resist a good “joint family” pun?

Talking about weed and not referencing Snoop Dogg is a moral crime.

Debeshi Gooptu pointed out the apt moral of the story: never trust men with errands!

Have they accidentally discovered an alternate recipe to deal with the quarantine?

One can always trust the Internet’s GIF game to be on point.

Some also described the vegetable seller as the hero we didn’t deserve but the one we need right now. Where was he during the booze ban?

All said and done, the one thing everyone universally agreed on, is that ganja sabzi would have definitely tasted better than methi.