That Loud Sound in Bangalore. That Was Just 2020 “Burping After Eating Up Half the Year”


That Loud Sound in Bangalore. That Was Just 2020 “Burping After Eating Up Half the Year”

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

Residents of Bangalore were in for a surprise this afternoon. Around 1:30 pm, a very loud booming sound rang out across the city, rattling people’s windows and causing citizens to come out of their homes to investigate. While 2020 has been a scary year so far, yet inexplicable sounds from the sky are still unusual enough to generate a sense of excitement, and in some cases, hysteria.

At the moment, there is no official explanation for the loud sound. A report on the phenomenon by The Indian Express quoted Bangalore’s Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao as saying, “For the past one hour people are hearing the sound, I have asked the Air Force about the fighter jet movement.” While city police are investigating possible causes for the sound, the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Centre Director Srinivas Reddy said that earthquake activity could be ruled out as a reason for the sound. The hashtag #sonicboom has been trending on Twitter, as people share video recordings of the thunderous sound.

Similar sounds have been heard in locations across the world from at least as far back as 2017, as a report from November in that year states. Like we’re seeing in Bangalore, experts have been unable to explain away the sound, according to the report. And now that the phenomenon has reached Bangalore, the internet has stepped in to fill the void by replacing facts with memes.

Of course, many people were hoping for visits from extraterrestrials in UFOs, as a plethora of Jaadoo memes proliferated timelines.

Others chose to take their speculation in a different direction, claiming the sonic booms meant the Marvel Cinematic Universe was more true to life than we had previously thought.

Some felt like the sound was just another freak occurrence in a year that has been full of them, and that it was the sound of the cosmos burping after swallowing half of 2020.

And others somehow found a way to connect it to cricket.

However, the best reaction award might go to the person who needed to first clear their name so that no one could accuse them of passing gas when they heard the sound.