News You Shouldn’t Believe: Solar Eclipse is a “Natural Remedy” to Coronavirus


News You Shouldn’t Believe: Solar Eclipse is a “Natural Remedy” to Coronavirus

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

Six months after it began to spread, the coronavirus has left large parts of the world struggling to look for a treatment and a vaccine that can put an end to the pandemic. But, going by the bizarre claim of a “scientist” from Chennai, the wait won’t be much longer.

Disregarding the Oxford trials, and the studies on possible Covid-19 treatment drugs, the nuclear and earth scientist from Chennai says all the world needs to do is wait for June 21, when the next solar eclipse will act as a “natural remedy to get rid of the virus”.

The “scientist”, as reported by several publications, said that there was a “direct connection” between the outbreak of the disease and the solar eclipse that occurred last December. The virus, he explains, had come to “destroy our lives”.

To explain his theory he used this particular string of words: “Due to the fission energy emitted after the solar eclipse, the coronavirus has been broken after the first neutron came in contact with the mutated particle.”

Despite going against more sound scientific studies conducted on the issue, the Chennai man says there is no need to panic, as the upcoming solar eclipse would end up acting as a natural cure for the virus. He quotes either Lord Krishna or his friend Krishna for further proof that sun rays could neutralise the disease in humans.

Of course, we must still be wary of putting all our eggs in one basket. Fortunately, given the global nature of the coronavirus, a variety of bizarre theories such as the one above have kept even the most imaginative of us occupied.

Over in Pakistan, a minister recently advised people to consider covering their legs as well — lest the virus were to arrive “neeche se”. Her speech was shared widely on Twitter, although independent researchers were unable to verify if “pants” were actually a cure.

An astrologist in the United Kingdom, meanwhile, investigated the coronavirus’s horoscope in detail to come up with some surprising conclusions as well.

He claimed that the “coronavirus was declared with a lot of planets in Capricorn”, which, the astrologist explains, is a sign of suffering and material darkness.

Now while that may seem like it means nothing to a layman, it also clearly means nothing to scientists. But the astrologist doesn’t leave without offering a solution to the problem — which in this case is to simply “use the Moon in Aquarius to balance the nodes.”

Noble thought, but may be a little hard to execute. Instead, we could follow the advice of India’s Union Minister of State for Health, Ashwini Choubey, who simply asks people to sit in the sun for 15 minutes every day if they are serious about combating the virus.

Ever since the outbreak was announced, there has been a flurry of fake news and misinformation — both in WhatsApp groups and in the mouths of so-called experts. Still in terms of bizarre claims, the Chennai doctor’s outlandish connection between the sun and the virus seems to eclipse all others.