Why the Pyramids are the Biggest Conspiracy Theory Magnets


Why the Pyramids are the Biggest Conspiracy Theory Magnets

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


cientists may have just spawned a fourth part in the Mummy trilogy with the discovery of a “void” in Khufu’s Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. While the people who made the discovery – using a shower of sub-atomic particles — are themselves tight-lipped on what the contents of the void could be, conspiracy theorists will have had a field day declaring what the void contains, how it is the last thing we possibly expected, and how it almost definitely will reveal how the pyramids were built in the first place.

The reason conspiracy theorists love the pyramids so much is that it has taken a thousand years to reach our current understanding of what they are – and our current understanding hangs somewhere between boring science-y things that we can’t be bothered to read, and the evergreen “Aliens, man!” There’s been no conclusive proof, but there have been several theories as to what these things were built for – ranging from as boring as storing grain, to as bizarre as calendar for the apocalypse. A leader of the early Jehovah’s Witness group went a step further and wrote about how the pyramids were most definitely built by the Egyptians under the direction of Satan the Devil.