MH 420: Weed on Wheels


MH 420: Weed on Wheels

Illustration: Vidyasagar Saple


afi Ahmed Kidwai Marg, B N Pai Marg, and P D’mello Road together form a long, four-lane highway that runs through some of Mumbai’s meanest neighbourhoods and connects Matunga to Colaba. Seldom affected by the plague that is the city’s traffic situation, the stretch from Wadala to Mazgaon provides parking space to numerous trucks that ferry stuff to places unknown. It is also home to MH 420 (number changed to protect the privacy of the occupant).

This old, beat-to-shit, hunk-of-junk parked at the side of the road is a permanent fixture, famous for the balding, partly deaf — but endearing — asshole, who along with his nirvana-inducing, munchie-generating, eye-reddening stash, inhabits its shitty confines.