• relationshipgrief How Do You Grieve the End of a Relationship That Has No Name on Paper?

    I’m experiencing the end of a glorious relationship that existed outside the bounds of marriage. Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard every variation of the “get some action” line of advice. Why do we treat relationships that don’t have a clearly defined, recognisable name like they were somehow inferior?

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  • grief Grief in the Age of Social Media

    Modern grief, the kind that lives on the internet, is a whole world away from old-world grief, the kind you preserved inside of you. The modern take on grieving is to share and tweet about it.

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  • Grief and the Comfort of Strangers

    When my brother died in a car accident, I couldn’t bear to be around friends and family. My only relief was talking to a complete stranger, a person I’d never met and didn’t know.

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