India Trumps the Net Neutrality Debate! TRAI Harder USA


India Trumps the Net Neutrality Debate! TRAI Harder USA

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré


he Telecom Authority of India (TRAI) might have actually given us a reason to justify all the patriotism we’re supposed to be feeling these days. Earlier today, the Centre accepted the TRAI’s recommendations to keep the Indian internet open by not blocking, throttling, or “fast-laning” any content delivery services that were announced last year. This basically means that no one person can own the internet. Hear that, Zuckerberg? You may kindly bugger off now.

Three years ago, Facebook tried to casually take over the internet by offering faster internet to people who had only 2G connections, at no extra cost. It seemed like a great offer, so of course, it came with a catch: the implication that Facebook would be allowed to favour certain websites over others, ensuring that Facebook itself would open much faster than a competitor. Airtel, which has paraphrased Vodafone’s tagline into a business model — wherever the money goes, we follow — attempted to jump in on this trend of silently fucking over the internet with Airtel Zero.