Person of the Week: Mark Zuckerberg


Person of the Week: Mark Zuckerberg

Illustration: Akshita Monga


oor Mark Zuckerberg. All he probably wanted as a young college kid was to become famous for making friendships more shallow than they were, and stalking a much easier thing to do. After all these years, he’s ended up achieving one of his dreams – becoming the most important person in the world not to wear a collared shirt – but for some terrible reasons.

Last month, it emerged that Facebook had by proxy ended up influencing one of the biggest elections in the world. Wondrous, especially when you consider it’s not intuitive enough to stop making those awkward videos celebrating my friendship with a tuition teacher from ten years ago. It all started with a revelation that a company named Cambridge Analytica, which worked on the Donald Trump campaign, had harvested close to 50 million Facebook profiles in order to carry out some good ol’ targeted propaganda.