How a Marathoner Trains for a Shopathon


How a Marathoner Trains for a Shopathon

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


efore online shopping websites, buying the latest phone meant heading to the biggest mobile store in your town and praying to God that they weren’t out of stock. God’s approach to customer satisfaction, however, is exactly like our service providers, which meant that luck was rarely in your favour. It’s not just phones and electronics – physically shopping for clothes and furniture you wanted was also a hassle. It meant you had to strike a shady deal by shelling out almost twice the amount to buy an imported item “without a bill.”

As a gadget junkie as well as a runner, I can tell you that finding your desired phone, mouse, or laptop is as hard as training for a marathon, without any of the health benefits. And then came the Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale. Suddenly, hard-to-get accessories were available to everyone on the internet, at the same time, and at amazing prices. A world of unbelievable offers opened up, with sweet discounts and jaw-dropping deals.