Could Censorship Spell the End of Netflix and Chill?


Could Censorship Spell the End of Netflix and Chill?

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


he current government seems to have a give-and-take relationship with the people of this country – we gave them our votes and they seem to be taking away everything we love. I can live under a beef ban and a porn shadowban, and I’ve even survived demonetisation, but now I’m scared they are going to come after the one thing I might actually die without: my Netflix subscription.

This week, a mass panic set in among the people who prefer to spend their weekends prone on the couch. An article in The Print reported that Netflix representatives had met with the officials of the I&B Ministry, and agreed to self-censor its content. Ring the alarm! The best part about online streaming is not having to put up with the puritanical censorship that mangles TV shows and films. We shell out good money for the privilege of watching uncut content, the way its makers intended, so the news of any kind of censorship at all will make subscribers as happy as Yogi Adityanath in a Kansas steakhouse.