Sharmaji Ke Beton, Artificial Intelligence is Coming for You


Sharmaji Ke Beton, Artificial Intelligence is Coming for You

Illustration: Juergen D'souza


o be a creative professional, you have to be aware of your place in the food chain, both proverbially and literally. Whether you’re a painter, a poet, or simply a lowly arts major-turned-pauper, the starving artist cliché is alive and well, perhaps even more so than the artists themselves. As you destroy your family’s izzat and #followyourbliss in a *gasp* creative field, all the good kids who listened to mummy-daddy and studied engineering are sprinting toward sky-high salaries and enviable careers.

It’s the revenge of the nerds, and we’re living in an IIT geek’s world. The gap between virtual and reality is closing, and artificial intelligence is on everybody’s IRL minds. In  the 2018-2019 budget, Arun Jaitley announced a new Niti Aayog-led fund for AI research and development, doubling the Digital India allocation. Meanwhile, the Culture Ministry received a paltry 3.82 per cent hike that couldn’t even keep up with inflation. Apparently, the government is just like Indian parents when it comes being more proud of the kid who opted for Science over the one who opted for Arts.