The League of Forgotten Sportspeople


The League of Forgotten Sportspeople

Illustration: Akshita Monga


hen the IPL broadcast rights are sold off to STAR India at a BCCI-organised auction for 16 crores, you know the state of cricket in the country is perfectly healthy. Resources are bountiful, audience demand remains high, and administrators and players are all making money. Problems, if they do arise, are insignificant. Allow me to illustrate.

Once upon a time in Indian cricket – or maybe it was just a month ago – the team travelled to Sri Lanka for a series as favourites. But all was not well in the kingdom. After their public divorce from coach Anil Kumble, the next in line for the Indian cricket team’s ire was their official kit sponsor, Nike. In between back-to-back victories over Sri Lanka at the ongoing ODI series, news broke that the squad was unhappy with the substandard quality of their kits. The boys complained to BCCI’s Council of Administrators, presumably led by a fuming Virat Kohli, who I like to imagine would have thrown his jersey on the floor while yelling, “Bakwaas hai, bhenchod!”