Hey People, Leave MS Dhoni Alone


Hey People, Leave MS Dhoni Alone

Illustration: Akshita Monga


t’s been a week of ups and downs in Indian cricket. While a Delhi boy “gedi-ied” his way onto the pitch in the middle of a Ranji Trophy match, New Zealand levelled the T20 series with an emphatic victory on a pitch as flat as Ranveer Singh’s abdomen. Nobody has had a more see-sawing week than Mahendra Singh Dhoni who lapped up applause when Nehra ji’s career breathed its last but was the subject of brickbats after he played an uncharacteristic innings in the second game, looking willfully distraught while he was at it.

In the first match though, MS Dhoni played like the “Dhoni” we’ve all come to know, the man who can keep his cool under pressure. He stabilised a toppling top order and then took on the mantle of an able mentor when it came to taking decisions on the field that were out of Virat Kohli’s comprehension. He snuck in an unbeaten innings which seemed like a perfect throwback to the agricultural bat swinging mayhem from the early 2000s.