Delhi Capitals vs Kings XI: A Super Over in IPL Game Has Brought Back Some “Normalcy” in Our Lives


Delhi Capitals vs Kings XI: A Super Over in IPL Game Has Brought Back Some “Normalcy” in Our Lives

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

“We live in unprecedented times.” It is something that is asserted every few hours, by politicians, news anchors, and “experts”. They remind us of our “new reality”, the dystopia, where people are walking around in masks and face shields, sporting events and award shows are held without an audience and with canned applause. However, the Indian Premier League is back and one thing that hasn’t changed is our addiction to cricket. The second match featuring the Delhi Capitals and Kings XI Punjab was a nailbiter that went into a super over. Some blamed the “umpiring”, others claimed the match was “fixed”, the complaining continued but few stopped watching.

Finally, some “normalcy” is back in our lives. Thank you for the IPL, nature is healing.

The match between the Delhi Capital and Kings XI Punjab had everything that we have come to associate with the IPL over the years. Just like every year, there was hope among DC and Kings XI fans that this year will be “different” and they will end up in the top two, a cute optimism also being shared by RCB fans.

Then, there were random shots of Preity Zinta being circulated during the game yet again.

The game seemed to be going dud with the Delhi Capitals reeling at 96-6 but the IPL is about three things – entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. And much of it was provided by a 21 ball 53 by Marcus Stoinis. Delhi put on a respectable 157 on the board.

Kings XI got off to a terrible start (as they always do) but just when everyone thought it was over, the IPL managed to do the most IPL thing ever. Mayank Agarwal seemed to have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, with a brilliant 60 ball 89. Why were we still watching after Kings XI were 55/5? Because we know, IPL mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai.

And what is a good IPL game without a juicy controversy? Boom, we had one of those too, with Chris Jordan getting a short-run decision from the umpire. Falsely, obvs.

Everyone weighed in.

The match went into the super over and the “scripted” jokes were back. Along with the customary “yaar sab fixed hai” comments on WhatsApp groups.

In the end, it was a Kagiso Rabada special in the super over that won the game for the Delhi Capitals after twists and turns that put a K-serial plot to shame. But that’s the beauty of the IPL, that is why we all tune in.

Thank you IPL, for bringing back familiarity in our lives. Gosh, you have been missed.