It Feels Like Monday, The World Cup Must Be Over


It Feels Like Monday, The World Cup Must Be Over

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


here does the hangover rest? The heavy eyes must carry them. The morning after, droopy eyelids limited peripheral vision. But it took little for them to run over the Tverskaya Ploshchad in Moscow. A popular avenue which had let the World Cup festivities stamp all over with impunity. Fatigue washed over the place now; the party, it seemed, had lasted just a little longer than anticipated.

The odd French fan still wandered, wondering if there was some celebration that called. The red and white of Croatia made a more frequent appearance, but the popular jersey was heavy for some supporters. The disappointment of defeat in the final was writ large, the eyes still sore from reflecting on the failure. But thankfully, most of the Croatian fans chose to be cheery. After all, this World Cup had given them memories they did not foresee – much like many others who arrived in Russia with expectations obscured.