Farewell, Andrea Pirlo, Mozart of Modern Football


Farewell, Andrea Pirlo, Mozart of Modern Football

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


ndrea Pirlo is everything you want football to be about. He was never the quickest on the field, he wasn’t known to have much aerial prowess, he wasn’t ever physically intimidating, never the one to slide around with nasty tackles and bully. Yet, as we bid him goodbye, he is one of the greatest midfielders to have ever played the game. You couldn’t touch him, you could never get close to him. All one could do was just watch and admire.

“I Think Therefore I Play,” is the tagline for Andrea Pirlo’s autobiography. It is also an apt description for his footballing career. As he once famously said “Football is played with the head. Your legs are just the tools.” His was a game built around vision and complemented by some serious precision. With effortless grace, he could pick out any player on the pitch at any given time. The moment he struck a football, your head would follow the trajectory of the ball, as the beautifully curved strike found its destination every single time. There was such an elegant inevitability about it.