Why the Section 377 Verdict Holds Hope for All of Us

Social Commentary

Why the Section 377 Verdict Holds Hope for All of Us

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty


n September 6, minutes before the five-judge Constitution bench struck down Section 377 in a landmark verdict, Justice DY Chandrachud’s part of the judgement comprised a pertinent message that holds true for any individual, irrespective of their sexual orientation. “What makes life meaningful is love. The right that makes us human is the right to love. To criminalise the expression of that right is profoundly cruel and inhumane,” he observed.

The debate against the draconian law boils down to this one thought: The right to love. Although, it’s a freedom that transcends class, gender, and sexuality barriers, it’s also one that has been systematically denied to the country’s LGBTQIA+ community for over 150 years. Over the years, the majority of us, who identify as straight have been able to love without the state being fanatical about curing us of our desires. Even as our queer friends have been shamed, punished, and branded a criminal for wanting the same thing.