Who is the Animal Here? Man Held for “Raping” a Cow in Bhopal

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Who is the Animal Here? Man Held for “Raping” a Cow in Bhopal

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

As the coronavirus pandemic, and the encounter of Vikas Dubey continues to dominate headlines, a shocking case of bestiality in Bhopal is making stomachs churn. A 55-year-old man was arrested in Madhya Pradesh’s capital on Tuesday, after he was spotted on CCTV camera footage raping a cow in a Sundar Nagar dairy.

The man who owns the dairy said that he first found the accused, identified as Sadar Ali, leaving the cow shelter at 4 in the morning, but let him go after asking a few questions. The dairy owner filed a case with the police the next day.

When the police reviewed the CCTV cameras from the previous night, however, they discovered that the 55-year-old hadn’t just broken into the dairy, but also performed sexual acts on one of the cows there.

The man has now been arrested under Section 377, which pertains to unnatural sex.

The incident, is unfortunately, not a one-off case. Several similar accusations of bestiality have been reported in the country in the last year alone.

Earlier this year, a video doing the rounds of social media, apparently showed another Madhya Pradesh man performing sexual acts on a cow in Guna district.

In March, a 33-year-old man in Kerala was accused of having sexually assaulted and torturing a cow. The police later said that the animal had died of strangulation.

Similar cases of bestiality have also been reported in Hyderabad, where a man was arrested for raping a nine-month-old calf, as well as in Uttar Pradesh in 2019, when a man was caught on camera by activists abusing as many as five cows at a shelter in Ayodhaya.

Two years ago, a 70-year-old man was accused of bestiality, again in Madhya Pradesh.

The latest of these disgusting acts is bound to leave a bad taste in the mouth of every animal lover. It’s also more proof that along with women and children, even animals can’t escape the wrath of sexual predators in this country.