#MeToo Once Again: How India’s “Woke” Men Abuse Their Power

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#MeToo Once Again: How India’s “Woke” Men Abuse Their Power

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


he highlight of Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault hearing at the US senate, for me, was his “I went to Yale” defence. That a man in possession of considerable power and as influential as Kavanaugh cited an Ivy League institution as evidence of his virtue was troubling – what confused logic permits privilege to absolve people of problematic behaviour? His intention to assert his progressiveness was both his defence and offence. This was a man trying to offer his credentials, his résumé, as example of his innocence.

Kavanaugh is an easy man to dislike. He’s behaved like a big baby who can’t get a toy he desires, even if that means stomping blindly over anyone. His sexism – and that of the conservative men who support him – is palpable. You can hardly accuse them of being liberal or progressive. But what happens when men who espouse those values – worse, are flag bearers of it – emerge as the force that they publicly denounce?