Hum Sabke Paas Ma Hai: Something Fishy About the “Ailing Mother” Responding to PM’s Speech

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Hum Sabke Paas Ma Hai: Something Fishy About the “Ailing Mother” Responding to PM’s Speech

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

The T in Twitter stands for trolls and the platform never quite lets you forget that.

On June 17, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation, a day after the violent India-China face-off at the Galwan Valley in Ladakh. During his speech, Modi requested the people to stand and observe two minutes of silence for our martyred soldiers. The quiet gesture was honoured with much respect, and one Twitter user even took to the microblogging platform to share a quick moment of her ailing mother abiding with the same.

“I don’t know why this made me emotional coz mom is not at all well, she can’t even stand properly nowadays and this,” Prerna Dawar wrote in her tweet alongside two photos. The first image is that of PM Modi onscreen during the addressal and another of her mother, standing with hands joined in prayer.

The tweet was indeed touching.

However, hours later in true Twitter-style, multiple tweets with the same exact text and pictures had taken over the social platform. With each Twitter user insinuating that it was his or her mother who had wholeheartedly joined in with the PM’s request, people were left wondering just about how many kids did the woman in the picture actually have.

And so it went on…

The ‘Big Indian Family’ no one saw coming.

With multiple sons and daughters claiming to be moved by the gesture from the same mother, Twitter theorists concluded that the BJP’s IT cell had yet again, appeared to have botched up its schemes.

A situation like this is not unheard of in a political environment. Earlier this year, during the release of Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak, a similar pattern surfaced on the internet. Padukone, who had visited JNU to silently stand in solidarity with protesters against attacks on students, had to deal with rage online as users claimed to have cancelled their tickets for her movie. Coincidentally, all the tweets with the images of confirmed cancellation, seemed to have booked the exact same seat.

Alt News’ co-founder Pratik Sinha had pointed out how easy it is to trample with the content which is supposedly shared via Google documents.

However, following the outbreak of these impersonating tweets, Dawar took the matter into her own hands and tweeted a set of #OldPictures to clear the air.

Was it just a case of monkey see, monkey do?

Dawar, too, has no answers to this strange incident.

Regardless, the uncalled-for mockery is quite questionable.

Welcome to Twitter-verse!