TN Postman Who Braved Threats of Wild Animals Every Day to Do His Job for 30 Years is Our Hero

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TN Postman Who Braved Threats of Wild Animals Every Day to Do His Job for 30 Years is Our Hero

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

A postman from Tamil Nadu, who has spent decades traversing through forests on foot to do his job, was the toast of social media on Wednesday.

D Sivan retired earlier this month following a 30-year shift delivering letters to remote parts of Coonoor district. In the process, he braved both the threat of wild animals, and crossed through inaccessible terrain, like waterfalls and slippery streams.

His story, shared by an IAS officer on Twitter, left thousands of well-wishers on social media in awe of this level of dedication.

The 66-year-old Sivan walked along the Nilgiri Mountain railway track, from a small post office near Coonoor, reports said. He was tasked with delivering letters and pensions to plantation workers who lived in the surrounding areas.

In what seems like a scene right out of a film, he would often encounter wild animals on his journey, as he walked along the tracks through the thick forests and long dark tunnels.

Some on social media thought this feat was enough to earn him the highest honours.

While a few others appreciated his commitment to nation building.

Author and Yogi, Sadhguru, was among those who hailed the postman on Twitter, calling him the “lifebreath of Bharat”.

Some thought, on the other hand, that it was important to question why the postman was made to work in such conditions in the first place.

Still, his commitment to his job, even in the face of such adversity, was lauded across social media.

It’s clear that Sivan’s story has touched a lot of hearts in the last couple of days. Given how painful most of the first six months of 2020 have been, stories of such inspirational people are now more important than ever.