Thou Shalt Not Sext

Social Commentary

Thou Shalt Not Sext

Illustration: Namaah/Arré


ook at this, the local church is trending on Twitter.” The office was abuzz when the hashtag #BQOTD (Bandra Quote Of The Day) made a splash on Twitter. The parish’s message board regularly regales passers-by with Twitter-friendly punchlines like “Why 4G, God is the best G”, which often find their way into their neighbour Salman Khan’s Facebook feed. Their last hit message telling the world, “Hang out with Jesus, cos he hung out 4 u”, had as many retweets as everyone’s favourite food porn account.

“Wasn’t that cool, are churches cool these days,” the millennials wondered out loud, as the baby boomers tut-tutted about the days when church message boards borrowed from the Bible, not the internet for inspiration.