The Sexpert Checks In

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The Sexpert Checks In


e were never taught about sex in school. Sure, we had a chapter in our biology textbooks when we were about 12, which involved the human reproductive system. It was the smallest chapter — a segment that our very distinctly uncomfortable teacher spent only two hurried days on, compared to the couple of weeks every other section got. In the end, we had a quick test and that was the end of that. Yet, for some reason the technical term for the fertilised egg stuck with me.

It was forever at the top of my brain, right up there with when I should use an em dash or what my passwords are. Zygote. A weird little word for what eventually becomes you, and with almost no bearing on the sex I came to know as an adult. Which is good, because when you’re having intercourse, or fucking, or having sex, or making love, or whatever your choice of words is, you don’t spend much time thinking about the science of it: At least, I hope you don’t, but the science of it fills you with a healthy curiosity when you’re young.