The Problem Doesn’t End With Shubham Mishra. A Disgusting Campaign Against Agrima Joshua Continues

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The Problem Doesn’t End With Shubham Mishra. A Disgusting Campaign Against Agrima Joshua Continues

Shubham Mishra, the man who made a terrifying video threat to comedian Agrima Joshua, was booked by the Vadodara police on Sunday. The arrest came a day after a notice was issued against him by the National Commission for Women for making several rape threats, and using abusive language in his supposed “warning” for the comedian.

But Shubham Mishra’s arrest doesn’t mean Agrima Joshua is off the hook just yet.

Days after the clip of her stand-up act — in which she reads out Quora reactions to the planned Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj statue in Mumbai — “offended sentiments”, several of her past tweets were shared out-of-context online.

A number of these posts tried to portray the comedian as both anti-Hindu and anti-feminist.

The fact that the tweets are sarcastic was a point missed by several of these accusers, who once again urged authorities to take action against Joshua.

Even those who left comments on Agrima Joshua’s YouTube channel weren’t spared.

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, who is from the NCP, has also requested that action be taken against the comedian. Joshua posted a video apology a day after her first video “offended the sentiments” of several social media users and politicians.

The comedian has also received a lot of support, on the other hand, from members of the film fraternity and her peers, who felt that her detractors didn’t fully get the message behind her stand-up set. Some even pointed out that her harmless jokes got more attention than the rape threats issued by Shubham Mishra.

Shubham Mishra’s video, meanwhile — which seemed to be straight out of the playbook of “Hindustan Bhau”, whose angry videos earned him a ticket to Bigg Boss — led to a number of copycat video threats. Many of them were also very abusive in nature.

With the vilification campaign against Agrima Joshua now on in full swing, all that’s left to be seen is whether action will be initiated against the comedian. It may be 2020, but clearly the country has a long way to go before it learns to take a joke in the right spirit.