The Tharki “Sex Educators” of Our Neighbourhood

Social Commentary

The Tharki “Sex Educators” of Our Neighbourhood

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


recently overheard someone discussing creative, non-threatening ways in which the topic of sexual intercouse should be introduced to children. It was a fairly intense discussion about breaking down the conversation into small, bite-sized portions for children as young as two. Some googling later, I discovered, much to my surprise, that this issue of “how to say what to kids” is a cottage industry involving talks, books, age-by-age guides, and whatnot.

I grew up in a neighbourhood where children learn about sex the minute they learn to tie their shoelaces. In my world, the golden words were “lund”, “chut”, and “gaand”, and not “sorry”, “please”, “may I”, and “thank you”, and everyone used them generously. I think I might even have once heard a stray dog bark the word “lund” when someone threw a rock at it.