Doctors from Hell: A Pregnant Woman Dies After 8 Hospitals in UP Deny Her Treatment

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Doctors from Hell: A Pregnant Woman Dies After 8 Hospitals in UP Deny Her Treatment

Illustration: Arati Gujar

A week after a pregnant woman died in an ambulance after being denied admission to a staggering eight hospitals in a row, action has been initiated against several authorities and medical professionals, who apparently made “excuses” not to admit her.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to fill up hospital beds across the country, and leave patients stranded for long hours, an inquiry into the woman’s death has found that she was made to shuffle between a number of hospitals without admission or referral.

The woman, who lived in the Noida-Ghaziabad border area, was eight months pregnant. She had developed some complications for which she was undergoing treatment at a local hospital. Her husband says she was turned away from that facility on Friday, prompting them to shuffle between a number of private and government hospitals.

The Chief Medical Superintendent of a hospital in Sector 30 was one of the authorities pulled up by the report, and held accountable for turning the woman away.

“The patient was not looked at by a senior employee and was turned away. We have received several complaints, and the Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) has been asked several times to ensure it doesn’t happen, and yet the number of incidents do not stop,” the report noted, ordering that the CMS would be transferred.

Another hospital in Sector 24, the report says, turned the woman away despite having enough free ventilators. The patient was then sent to another hospital without any referrals or prior notice. Action has been taken against the ambulance driver in this case as well. Other private hospitals told her family that there were no beds available for her.

All these delays, the report says, were ultimately responsible for the death of the patient. According to the woman’s brother, the hospitals she was turned away from included Fortis hospital, Shivalik hospital and Jaypee hospital.

Action was also initiated against staff members of the Government Institute of Medical Sciences for reportedly refusing to admit the patient.

The latest incident of negligence follows the death of a newborn child in Greater Noida just last week. In that case, too, the family was made to run between hospitals to seek treatment, but were turned away and ended up losing their child.

With action now initiated against several medical staff across the region, hopefully the administration will take note and protect the vulnerable sections who need it the most.