Those “Car Stunts” By China’s PLA? Most Mumbai Rickshaw-Wallahs Pull Those Off Before Breakfast

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Those “Car Stunts” By China’s PLA? Most Mumbai Rickshaw-Wallahs Pull Those Off Before Breakfast

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

Amid dozens of reports of stand-offs along the border with China, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has decided to lighten the mood, it seems, after releasing a video of its soldiers performing car stunts that most Mumbai rickshaw-wallahs pull off before breakfast.

The 15-second clip, released by China’s People’s Daily news portal shows a fleet of jeeps and trucks pulling off some above-average parking manoeuvers in the snow. But the internet, gauging by its collective reaction to the video, wasn’t too impressed by the PLA.

A few took to social media to note that the drivers’ skills were comparable to those of the average Delhi parking attendant.

Some, such as producer Atul Kasbekar, however were so impressed with the skills on display that they offered the PLA drivers part-time jobs.

A few more observant tweeters even noticed that there weren’t any drivers in some of the jeeps at all, making the stunts seem even more impressive.

Many also had some words of encouragement for the PLA drivers, assuring them that with a little practice, they too could one day be extras in a Rohit Shetty film.

Provided Bollywood can get over its affinity for casting star kids in every role, of course…

Last week, another attempt by the Chinese Army to showcase how committed they were to the cause, was met with mirth by Indians on Twitter.

A clip that showed PLA soldiers apparently sleeping with guns in their hands, was mocked by many users for the “overacting” on display.

The two videos were released in the same week that India banned a number of Chinese apps, including Tik Tok and Shein, and thousands of social media users looked for ways to boycott all Chinese products. With the PLA now seemingly announcing its intention to star in a Bollywood film, hopefully some of that tension will be defused.