Nithyananda’s Wild Wild Country Now Gets a Reserve Bank of Kailasa. How Long Before He’s Arrested?

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Nithyananda’s Wild Wild Country Now Gets a Reserve Bank of Kailasa. How Long Before He’s Arrested?

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

A year after announcing that he had fled India to start his own country on a remote island — suspected to be somewhere near Ecuador — fugitive and self-appointed godman, rape-accused Nithyananda has made yet another baffling announcement.

In a recent video, Nithyananda, who is wanted in India on rape charges, says that he has set up a bank for his new country, the “Reserve Bank of Kailasa”, and that he had an economic policy ready for the island nation. In the clip, Nithyananda also says that he will announce a new currency by this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

“With the grace of Ganpati, we are going to be revealing all the absolute, complete details of the Reserve Bank of Kailasa and the currencies, it’s all ready,” he is heard saying in the video that was widely shared across social media platforms.

The announcement, while met with a lot of mirth online, comes as a bit of an embarrassment for the country, considering that recent reports say Nithyananda has skipped nearly 50 court hearings back home so far. Apart from rape charges, the fugitive has also been accused of illegally confining minors at his Gujarat Ashram.

In his latest video, however, Nithyananda can be seen gleefully celebrating the formation of his new island nation. He even goes on to add that he has signed an MoU with another country that has agreed to host the Reserve Bank of Kailasa, indicating that the establishment may indeed be legal.

Earlier this year, Nithyananda had made headlines after saying that he had managed to escape the coronavirus pandemic by self-isolating in his own island nation.

“Some Indian people had laughed and mocked me when I isolated myself by creating the new country as Kailasaa. Now, the whole world is talking about social distancing. Lord Paramasivam has saved us. Power of God,” he was quoted as saying in India Today.

“Kailasa” was first established last December, after the rape-accused announced that he had bought an island from Ecuador, and declared it a Hindu nation. He even released a temporary flag, passport, and emblem for the new country.

It was described as a “nation without borders created by dispossessed Hindus who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries”. But the announcement came even as his bail was rejected in the rape case, and the Interpol issued a Blue Corner Notice against him, making him, effectively, an international fugitive.

Now, his latest video, in which he almost seems to be making fun of authorities on the lookout for him, is bound to raise the hackles of law enforcement agencies.