Kuch to Sharam Karo: No Surprises! Kangana Ranaut the Newest Addition to Mumbai “Walk of Shame”

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Kuch to Sharam Karo: No Surprises! Kangana Ranaut the Newest Addition to Mumbai “Walk of Shame”

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

Los Angeles has a Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard, where names of the biggest stars in the industry are embedded in sidewalks with brass stars. Mumbai now has a Walk of Shame in Mumbai’s Malad, thanks to a street artist called Tyler. After Arnab Goswami and Sudhir Chaudhary, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has made it to the list.

Of course, she is not pleased. Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter to criticise the Mumbai Police, who she alleges had “liked” tweets in relation to Kangana’s “Walk of Shame” art. She claimed that Mumbai Police was encouraging “public teasing” and “bullying” instead of condemning it.

“When @CPMumbaiPolice is openly intimidating me like this, encouraging bullying and crime against me, will I be safe in Mumbai ? Who is responsible for my safety?” she asked.

BJP leader Priti Gandhi came in support of Kangana, calling it a “slander campaign” against private citizens on public property.

While Kangana is the latest addition, it all started on August 15, when Tyler published a post on Instagram, asking people to suggest names for a Walk of Shame that he was planning in Mumbai. He stated that these would be figures from journalism, politics, Bollywood, who were supported by people but have now become mouthpieces for political parties and are spreading propaganda. “If calling out these public figures helps shine a light on this pattern, then it may make these turncoats realise that their actions have consequences,” he said. Tyler declared that names which are repetitive in comments would be entitled for the voting list.


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More than 3,000 people commented and names that were frequently mentioned included Arnab Goswami, Sudhir Chaudhary, Akshay Kumar, Kapil Mishra, Salman Khan, Amish Devgn, Anjana Om Kashyap, and Kangana Ranaut among others.

The overwhelming winner in the comments section however, was Arnab Goswami. The Republic TV anchor was the first to have his name printed on the road along with the poop emoji.

After success with the first one, the second person to make it to the list was Zee News editor-in-chief Sudhir Chaudhary.


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So who’s next?

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Walk of Shame is the antithesis of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. We celebrate the most notorious personalities which have promoted ideologies that are detrimental to the society’s growth. On Independence Day, we celebrate freedom. As an artist, I want to honour freedom of expression,” Tyler told Mid-Day.

“Art is among the greatest forms of expression. We are being divided every single day. Our cultural diversity is being exploited for personal gains. It is not just vital for artists to express but also for people to observe and realise the true nature of events around them. To unite during such times is often the only path to bring change much like what our freedom fighters hoped for,” he added.

In the past, Tyler has also commented on issues of religious and political polarisation through his art on Instagram.

Tyler doesn’t have a cap on how many tiles he wants to put out for his Hall of Shame, but he is aiming to pull off at least 25. Given the colorful nature of politics, entertainment and media in India, he’s definitely not going to run out of names.