Spanish is Cool, Gujarati is Cooler

Social Commentary

Spanish is Cool, Gujarati is Cooler

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


few weeks ago, a post went viral, labelling a new breed of young Indians whose lingua franca was English, even at home, the country’s fastest-growing “caste”. The article drew a psychographic profile of these young people, “Indo-Anglians”, who might have grown up in bilingual homes, where the parents made an effort to speak in their mother tongues, but where English continued to dominate.

Drawing from his own life, the writer said that Indo-Anglians are concentrated around the country’s metros. “Within these cities,” he writes, “they are clustered in certain pockets: Gurgaon, and parts of South Delhi, South Bombay and Western Suburbs from Bandra to Andheri, Indiranagar, Koramangala and gated communities in Bangalore’s Outer Ring Road… They fall well within the top one per cent of India economically, and have a consumption basket that is comparable to their middle class counterparts abroad. Their kids go to international schools and have ‘first-world yoga names’ such as Aryan, Kabir, Kyra, Shanaya, Tia etc.”