We Celebrate the MP Topper Who Cycled 24km, But No Child Should Have to Struggle So Much for an Education

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We Celebrate the MP Topper Who Cycled 24km, But No Child Should Have to Struggle So Much for an Education

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

When millennials ask their parents why they didn’t do well in school, they often get a long-drawn answer about how they walked for kilometers and had to swim across a lake to reach school. They took shade under trees and prepared for exams under streetlights. A girl from Madhya Pradesh has not only lived that tough life, but also aced it.

Roshni Bhadoria from Ajnaul village of Bhind district used to cycle 24 km daily just to attend school. She has now scored 98.5 per cent in her Class 10 board exams, securing eighth rank in the state.

Like all toppers, the Madhya Pradesh Topper claimed that she studied diligently but didn’t expect to get such a good rank. “I was given a bicycle by the government which I used well. I used to study around four and a half hours everyday. I want to prepare for IAS in the future,” said Roshni.

The Madhya Pradesh topper said she has received immense support from her parents. Her father Purshottam Bhadoria, a farmer by occupation, was extremely proud and validated that her daughter had worked very hard. Mother Sarita Bhadoria wants her daughter to excel in life and fulfil her dream of becoming an IAS officer. With such industriousness and dedication in spite of all the hardship, the sky’s the limit for Roshni.

When asked what message she would like to give other students, Roshni blushed and said that she’s happy she secured the eighth rank but it would be even better if someone secured first rank from the village and made everyone proud. She said it would make her even happier if it was a female student who ends up first, since there isn’t enough emphasis on education for girls.

Social media users cheered for Roshni and her phenomenal achievement.

Roshni’s passion and hardwork has certainly made some of our first-world problems seem rather small.

Some also pointed out that while the girl’s efforts must be applauded, it paints a poor picture for infrastructure in our rural areas, with no schools available nearby for children to go to.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was also tagged, as people informed him about the case and the plight of the education system in the state.

Bright and industrious students like Roshni exist all around the country, if only we can provide them the adequate system and platform to excel in life