A Different Outrage for Katy Perry and Papon

Social Commentary

A Different Outrage for Katy Perry and Papon

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


ntil the last few months of 2018, consent and sexual propriety have never occupied popular imagination the way they do now. First came the #MeToo movement, followed by the #TimesUp movement, both of which were powerful social media campaigns that translated into offline action and provided women around the world, and the entertainment industry specifically, a platform to confront their male abusers and harassers. Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, and so many other powerful men took advantage of their power and influence to coerce and abuse women over years. And their downfall became the wind beneath #MeToo’s wings.

Yet, in the last few months, the focus has only been on female victims, and not vice versa. Perhaps Katy Perry’s actions on the reboot of American Idol will give us a #HimToo movement.