The Ladies at Lord’s and Their New-found Devotees

Social Commentary

The Ladies at Lord’s and Their New-found Devotees

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


s Eileen Ash, England’s oldest living women’s cricketer at 105, rang the match bell at the Lord’s Cricket Ground, the “home of cricket” found yet another mention in the annals of Indian Cricket history. We played our first ever Test match in 1932 on the same ground; then exactly half a century later, stunned the cricketing world into silence when a bunch of underdogs led by Kapil Dev trumped a seemingly invincible team from the Caribbean. About 20 years later, from the same balcony, emerged the Prince of Kolkata with his profound fondness for a Salman-esque display of bravado and a strong penchant for the word “fuck”. Every such moment at Lord’s had the innate capacity to change the way we played our cricket and fashioned the way we acted as a people.

On July 23, the clock was wired all the way again and we waited to see what would unfold.