Rajsamand Killing: Hindutva Done ISIS-Style

Social Commentary

Rajsamand Killing: Hindutva Done ISIS-Style

Illustration: Akshita Monga


e’ve reached a point in India’s life where we are no longer bothered by the term “Hindu Rashtra,” which is the exact opposite of how secular India was imagined. Empowered by a government that has adopted Hindutva as a core ideology, fringe groups, lynch mobs, and radical individuals are experiencing greater freedom to enact out their sick, twisted fantasies.

In today’s dose of gruesome killing in the name of religion, we have the sickening murder in Rajsamand, Rajasthan. A Hindu man hacked at a Muslim labourer with an axe and set his corpse on fire — all on video. He then declared to the camera that this was to prevent “love jihad” and that others who attempted it, would meet the same fate. For the radicals that are enabled by our current environment, this, and other horrifying cases, are necessary steps toward reclaiming India for Hindus (After all, the chief minister of one of our largest states endorses this kind of violence).