There’s a Film Announced on Sushant Singh’s Death Already. That’s a New Low for Bollywood

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There’s a Film Announced on Sushant Singh’s Death Already. That’s a New Low for Bollywood

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

The film industry  is truly a cutthroat place and all it seems to care about is publicity. Since the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput last Sunday, social media has been flooded with fake tributes for the actor, some exploited it as an opportunity to make it about themselves. However, in a new low for an industry that seems largely devoid of a conscience, filmmaker Vijay Shekhar Gupta has decided to make a movie on Sushant Singh Rajput. It is inappropriately titled “Suicide or Murder?”

While releasing the poster of the movie, Gupta said, “I am making this film to end the monopoly of the big stars and production houses of the film industry. Through this film, I will fully expose Bollywood.”


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“Today, the children who come from outside, even those who are capable, don’t get the right opportunities because of the gang that has formed inside the industry. I want to break this gang.  My story will show everything that was done wrong with Sushant. That boy was forced to end his life. He was bullied by people and boycotted and was even fired from several films back-to-back,’’ he added.

While people can comfortably sit at home and speculate on social media on what they thought was the reason for the actor’s death, the truth is that no one knows for certain. It was just yesterday that the police were interrogating Rajput’s friend Rhea Chakraborty, his business manager Shruti Modi and Radhika Nihalani from the RP team. To make a movie with no facts on the table is outrageous. To put up a version of his life on screen that could potentially be a set of untruths, would be a grave insult to the actor’s memory.

The director Vijay Shekhar Gupta doesn’t seem to have had a working relationship with the late actor, and it raises grave questions of whether he would be able to do justice to his life. This seems like nothing but a cheap publicity stunt. A movie on Sushant Singh Rajput, celebrating his life, is perhaps due sometime in the future. But to do justice to his memory, we must report it truthfully with all facts in hand, and not in a rushed manner to make money at a sensitive time, capitalising on people’s rage and sentiments.

We already have social media for that, filmmakers needn’t get on that awful trend.