Doomsday Clock and the Countdown to Apocalypse Now

Social Commentary

Doomsday Clock and the Countdown to Apocalypse Now

Illustration: Akshita Monga


his week, the doomsday clock delivered the kind of news that made us want to just build that damn wall around all of America already. Clearly, a clock whose sole reason to exist is to count down to a worldwide nuclear holocaust will have nothing pleasant to say. Still, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in America made some extremely depressing headlines when they pushed the doomsday clock 30 seconds closer to midnight. This move signified that we had a figurative two minutes 30 seconds until the human race self-combusts in a mushroom cloud.

The doomsday clock is usually updated when there is heightened fear of a nuclear apocalypse or climate-related disaster. The last time the clock was really close to midnight (two minutes), was 1953, when the US and USSR had been testing Hydrogen bombs during the peak of the Cold War. This time, in 2017, the council carried out this largely symbolic move because a half-orangutan, half-man literally memed his way into the White House. Since then, he has set into motion attempts to pass a series of meme-worthy laws against Muslim people, Mexican people, and basically any people who happen to love nature.