Why Do Indians Hate Visiting Doctors?

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Why Do Indians Hate Visiting Doctors?

Illustration: Akshita Monga


rocin se theek ho jayega!” exclaimed my dad cheerfully, as we stepped out of the doctor’s clinic with a list of tests prescribed for him. He’d had a terrible fever for days and it had taken hours of coaxing from my mother and me, to get to the clinic. We should have known better. Predictably, his distrust in the years of medical experience of even the best doctors in the city meant he was going to ignore the tests and follow his own intuition to treat himself – MBBS degrees be damned. A few days later, he passed out with a falling platelet count and was rushed to the hospital, only to discover he had dengue.

You’d think this would serve as a cautionary tale and he’d learn his lesson. The next time we took him for an arthritis check-up, he was back to his sceptical self. He refused to take any of the prescribed meds, because he “believed” they were harmful to his body. This from a man who smokes ten cigarettes a day and chews tobacco. According to his self-diagnosis, he could just yoga his way out of arthritis.