Priorities: Four Hours of Delhi Rain Gets More Media Coverage Than Assam Floods That Killed Over 100

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Priorities: Four Hours of Delhi Rain Gets More Media Coverage Than Assam Floods That Killed Over 100

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

Heavy rain lashed the capital Delhi on Sunday morning, which, according to reports, ended up claiming two lives. Videos shared across social media on Sunday and Monday morning show parts of the city, including the iconic Connaught place, and Minto Bridge, resembling a riverfront following just two hours of rainfall.

Another clip doing the rounds showed houses being torn away near ITO, leaving at least 50 residents homeless, the Times of India reported. Fortunately no one was home when a video captured the catastrophic collapse in the Anna Nagar area.

While the visuals were enough to send social media into a tizzy, one state in particular was bound to feel left out of the narrative. Many were quick to note on social media that Assam, which has been reeling under a catastrophic flood for over a week hasn’t received the same amount of attention as a few hours of rainfall in Delhi.

Over 80 people have died so far in Assam’s annual flood, which according to estimates has stretched out over 24 districts in the state.

At Kaziranga National Park — 85% of which is said to be under water — more than 100 wild animals, including eight endangered rhinos, have died due to the catastrophe.

The flooding was caused by the annual rise in levels of the Brahmaputra River, but reports on Monday morning warned that the rising levels of the Barak River were also a cause for concern. This, coupled with predictions of more rainfall in the coming days, may lead to flooding in several other parts of the state, reports said.

While the collapse in Delhi’s ITO left 50 people without homes, a Assam State Disaster Management Authority report says that as many as 521 relief camps had to be set up in the state to provide relief to over 50,000 people who were affected by the flooding.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday assured his support to the state, while Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal visited the affected areas and offered Rs 4 lakh ex-gratia to the families of those affected by the catastrophe.

But the same concern hasn’t been shared by social media, which, once again, seems to have given news about the Northeast a miss.