How to Cope With Your Last Workday Before the Winter Vacay

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How to Cope With Your Last Workday Before the Winter Vacay

Illustration: Palak Bansal


he time is 5.55 pm. The only sounds in the office are the creaking of swivel chairs and the mechanical tapping of keyboards. You have just sent out your last e-mails, you’re out of smokes, and there are only 300 seconds between you and quitting time. But those 300 seconds might as well be 300 Spartans led by Gerard Butler’s six-pack for how much of a fight they will put up before they let you through the Hot Gates of your office building. There’s no known unit of time more interminable than the last five minutes before you call it a day at work. Except the final five minutes before you leave for vacation.

We’ve all been there, refreshing our Facebook timelines a million times, willing the clock to move faster. My preferred method is simply drawing boxes on the home screen with my mouse pointer to pass the time. Now imagine if those tortuous five minutes were stretched across the length of an entire day. That is the unspeakable horror that awaits you on your last day before you go on your December holiday.