Cringe Max: Mental Health or Masturbation, You Can Always Trust Kangana Ranaut to Take the Low Road

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Cringe Max: Mental Health or Masturbation, You Can Always Trust Kangana Ranaut to Take the Low Road

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

The thing about social media spats is that they tend to get ugly. Two people with a difference of opinion are unlikely to reach a civil resolution sitting behind two different screens. But when the people involved in the argument both own verified accounts, it goes from mere Twitter drama to the stuff of trending lists. Which is why Kangana Ranaut’s latest Twitter gem, “No no no I am hot and sexy I don’t do it myself” has gone viral. What was the “it” Kangana Ranaut said she doesn’t do by herself? The act of having sex.

But why was Kangana spilling the beans on her sex life on Twitter? If you guessed that it was because she got into yet another argument on the platform then you will be correct – but no prizes for guessing the obvious answer. The opposite number this time was artist and Twitter influencer Priyanka Paul, who was minding her own business, tweeting about mental health, when Kangana chose to pile on and mock her. Targeting an individual who was talking about suicide for their appearance (who is also over a decade her junior for good measure), Kangana of course took the low road, only to be told to “Go f*ck yourself” by Paul. In response, Kangana told us she doesn’t have to, because she is “hot and sexy”.

Even people used to seeing Kangana’s recurring flare-ups on Twitter found this one to be noteworthy for how out of the blue it was.

Others were left confused as to why Kangana was picking a needless fight with someone so much younger than her.

Is Kangana’s behaviour on social media really befitting a public figure with a large following? Probably not, but she doesn’t seem to care.

Of course, some people picked up on the irony of the sanskaar-touting Kangana proudly proclaiming she has sex on Twitter.

Paul summed up the situation a few hours after the “hot and sexy” tweet went viral on her own profile.

Kangana Ranaut might be a gifted actor, but her talent for starting beef on social media may have outgrown even her dramatic potential.