No Condoms, No Cry: The Gujarat Model

Social Commentary

No Condoms, No Cry: The Gujarat Model

Illustration: Akshita Monga / Arré


couple of months ago, Gujaratis led a protest against the Sunny Leone hoarding that advised safe sex during Navratri. In doing so, they might just have laid the foundation of the news we are so joyfully receiving today – that now, in addition to beef, porn, and other vices, we’re also not going to be talking about contraception.

Gujarat is a strange land, only truly known by people who’ve lived there, and better known by people who’ve lived elsewhere and then moved there.  The Gujarat state of mind is a legitimate thing; just like the New York state of mind. Only really twisted. In Gujarat, we believe that sex (and alcohol consumption) just don’t exist and we will go to our graves believing it even though there is a crapload of evidence that suggests otherwise.