How to Be a True Patriot: Make Your Chinese PubG Teammate Chant “Hindustan Zindabad”

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How to Be a True Patriot: Make Your Chinese PubG Teammate Chant “Hindustan Zindabad”

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

The stand-off between India and China in Galwan valley has led to some tension in the last few weeks, with news channels scrambling to declare a winner, and the government banning 59 apps from China in retaliation. Now thanks to the efforts of one teenage PubG player, and his unique form of soft diplomacy, the issue may soon be resolved for good. Or within the online multiplayer community, at least…

According to a recent unverified report, an Indian PubG player apparently refused to revive a Chinese teammate, until the latter chanted “Hindustan Zindabad”, proving that you don’t have to physically stand at the border to show your support for the country.

The player was reported to have gone on to request that all Indians on PUBG follow their patriotic duty, and “not revive Chinese and Pakistani players before hearing Hindustan Zindabad from them”, possibly ensuring that all his other teammates quit in anger.

Whether the player’s request will be heeded, or if he earns himself a lifetime ban remains to be seen. But the Indian diplomat went on to express his desire to make as many as 1,000 Chinese players praise our country before he revives them.

An unverified source said the player went on to eat a huge chicken dinner to celebrate.

Even if the story turns out to be true, however, no independent sources were able to confirm if the PLA was ready to back down after this latest threat to its army.

The game itself, meanwhile, has been at the centre of a heated debate after 59 Chinese apps were recently banned in India, including the popular social media TikTok, and the UC internet browser.

Reports indicate that PubG was left out of the list because it was originally developed in South Korea. But its links with Chinese conglomerate Tenecet, which launched the app version, has had some calling for a ban on TikTok as well — most notably from Indian parents.

For now, the Indian PubG player can rest easy knowing he’s done his bit to try and save India from going to war with China. One can only hope he meets a few American players next and resolves the visa issue as well.