How Men Talk When Women Aren’t Listening

Social Commentary

How Men Talk When Women Aren’t Listening

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


rey sir, 15 saal ki thi lekin bol nahi sakte they. Khoob maze kiye humne,” (You wouldn’t have known she was 15. We had a lot of fun), said my cab driver.

We were on an unusually rushed journey across state borders. We had started making chit-chat, prophesying the outcome of the elections, contemplating the decay of the universe, when out of nowhere, he chose to tell me a story that I neither expected nor asked for. As far as rites of passage go, men hardly meditate on the font and formatting of their content in order to break the ice, or at least play to the acoustics of its surface. At the point where this man proudly admitted to having had a physical relationship with a minor girl, we were well beyond the ice, but still a good distance from the warmth of friendship. I stayed silent.