Please Catch Me Before I Fall

Social Commentary

Please Catch Me Before I Fall

Illustration: Akshita Monga


was seated in front of four seasoned grey heads from the university’s mass communication faculty, defending my master’s degree dissertation. My focus was a subjective analysis of Guru Dutt’s life and cinema. After the more predictable questions, the senior-most in the panel asked me, “It appears to me that you are not only justifying, but also condoning Guru Dutt’s manner of ending his life. So you think suicide is really a solution?”

I hadn’t thought they would pick on that. That last page in my analysis had come from a very personal space and by the time I’d got to it, I’d almost lived through Guru Dutt’s life; being him. It wasn’t that I had no answer or defence, I did. But would this elderly, old-school gentleman in his pristine white dhoti buy it?