Are We Too Woke For Our Own Good?

Social Commentary

Are We Too Woke For Our Own Good?

Illustration: Arati Gujar


itting at a Bandra restaurant the other day, I managed to eavesdrop on a fascinating conversation between two girls at the next table.

It started vapidly enough, with the ponytailed, yoga mat-wielding girl espousing the virtues of her hot yoga class, which most people would just dismiss as an outcome of a broken AC. Her insights on how “the heat just like really makes you zone out” were cut short by the waiter, and the girl with the septum ring ordered a vegan quinoa bowl before explaining her new, environmentally friendly diet with the appropriate dash of smugness. Not to be outdone, Ponytail Heatstroke leapt into the fray, accusing Septum Vegan of contributing to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest with her quinoa addiction. Septum Vegan countered that with how it was “definitely local or something”.