An Abandoned Interview With Humans of Hindutva

Social Commentary

An Abandoned Interview With Humans of Hindutva

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré


n the final weeks of December 2017, I was interviewing the anonymous creator of Humans of Hindutva for this story. HoH, which started out as a Facebook page, achieved the kind of attention and virality that online outfits can only dream about. The founder, who we had earlier christened a “one-man anti-bhakt army,” had built his brand on razor-sharp satirical takedowns of communal politics, parodying the popular Humans of New York page (and its several iterations across the globe).
About a month prior, after several run-ins with Facebook’s “community standards”, HoH started his own website, And then, all hell broke loose.

Some of HoH’s virulent opponents had gotten a hold of his number and he and his family began to receive death threats. All the care he had taken to preserve his identity had proven futile. We had to abandon the interview, most of which had been fun and insightful. The answers, given before he had received the death threats, were irreverent and funny, but still held the strain of uncertainty and wariness which eventually forced HoH to take down the page. Some edited excerpts below: