2018, the Year of #DeepVeer, #NickYanka, and #IshaAnand Weddings: Who Did It Best?

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2018, the Year of #DeepVeer, #NickYanka, and #IshaAnand Weddings: Who Did It Best?

Illustration: Arati Gujar


kay, with only a couple more days left to go, I’m calling it: We’ve officially experienced the greatest year on record for the big fat celebrity wedding. In 2019, shaadi season should just stay home with its head under the blankets – like the rest of us plan to do during general elections – because it’s never going to top the unhinged festivities that have defined our Instagram feeds for the past three months.

In case you weren’t fully convinced by the Holy Trinity of Deepveer, NickYanka, and Isha-Anand, that celebrity shaadis have jumped the shark, #MeToo accused ad-man Suhel Seth tied the knot with 37-year-old model Lakshmi Menon two days ago in Gurugram. Remember when we used to scratch our heads over the odd coupling of a former evangelical Disney star and an “Exotic” east-west actress? Simpler times – because now, we have 55-year-old Seth, accused of sexual harassment by 20 women, marrying not just a sentient, living woman, but a gorgeous and successful one to boot. Is this his Christmas miracle, or a case of “beta, #TimesUp” for a woman over 35?