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  • libraries Are Neighbourhood Libraries Just Bait For Nostalgia?

    In the age of e-books, the purpose of a library, whose datedness once gave a neighbourhood character, is probably only to invoke nostalgia. We feel sad when our neighbourhood libraries die, but we do little to ensure they survive.

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  • lostatkumbh Lost At Kumbh ft Shreya Mehta

    Rekha Gupta always dreamed about attending the #KumbhMela with her family one day. Unfortunately, when she finally made it, it turned into a nightmare, after she lost sight of both her daughters. Watch her story in "#LostAtKumbh" ft Shreya Mehta. #KumbhMela2019 #DaburAmlaRishteyMazboot

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  • holimemories Gujiyas, Steel Pichkaris & Tesu Ke Phool: A Plea to Bring Back Holi Like It Used to Be

    My idea of Holi is old-school Bollywood – pristine white kurtas, do chutki wale rangon ki thaali, and homemade gujiyas with kanji. No synthetic colours, just some good old gulaal. No DJwale babus, but a few neighbourhood women singing folk songs.

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  • rajdhani 50 Years of Rajdhani: India’s Original Social Network

    A country is often defined by the way it travels, and for India, the Rajdhani has served as the quintessential vehicle. The train, which has turned 50, has earned near-cult status as a wistful compromise between affordability and indulgence.

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  • instakumbh Insta Kumbh with Digital Baba

    Iss modern Kumbh mein jahan shraddha hai wahan WiFi bhi hai. Digital Baba Swami Ram Shankar maante hain ki youth Kumbh tak pahunche na pahunche, Kumbh youth tak zaroor pahunchega.

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