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  • lostatkumbh Lost At Kumbh ft Shreya Mehta

    Rekha Gupta always dreamed about attending the #KumbhMela with her family one day. Unfortunately, when she finally made it, it turned into a nightmare, after she lost sight of both her daughters. Watch her story in "#LostAtKumbh" ft Shreya Mehta. #KumbhMela2019 #DaburAmlaRishteyMazboot

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  • instakumbh Insta Kumbh with Digital Baba

    Iss modern Kumbh mein jahan shraddha hai wahan WiFi bhi hai. Digital Baba Swami Ram Shankar maante hain ki youth Kumbh tak pahunche na pahunche, Kumbh youth tak zaroor pahunchega.

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  • HindutvaPop What’s Up With India’s Hindutva Pop Obsession?

    From India's hinterland comes a new music sensation, where popular songs are painted saffron. In the run-up to India's general elections, we're asking: What's Up With India Obsession with "Hindutva pop"?

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  • NavelObsession What’s Up With India’s Navel Obsession?

    It's no secret that Indians have long been smitten by the humble navel. But in the age of internet porn, why are navels still so titillating? And exactly how did this unique obsession begin?

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  • homophobia What’s Up with India’s Homophobia

    As the Supreme Court prepares to take up the contentious Section 377, we look back at India's relative tolerance to homosexuality, and attempt to figure where it all went wrong. Turns out we have another thing to thank the British for...

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