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  • Half Girlfriend, Complete Moron: The Anatomy of a Chetan Bhagat Heroine

    It’s not just real-life women with whom Chetan Bhagat seems to share a tetchy relationship. The author’s heroines are always one-dimensional, unattainable college girls. They are quite stupid when it comes to matters of the heart — which is why they inevitably end up with one of Bhagat’s douchebag protagonists.

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  • libraries Are Neighbourhood Libraries Just Bait For Nostalgia?

    In the age of e-books, the purpose of a library, whose datedness once gave a neighbourhood character, is probably only to invoke nostalgia. We feel sad when our neighbourhood libraries die, but we do little to ensure they survive.

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  • lostatkumbh Lost At Kumbh ft Shreya Mehta

    Rekha Gupta always dreamed about attending the #KumbhMela with her family one day. Unfortunately, when she finally made it, it turned into a nightmare, after she lost sight of both her daughters. Watch her story in "#LostAtKumbh" ft Shreya Mehta. #KumbhMela2019 #DaburAmlaRishteyMazboot

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  • holimemories Gujiyas, Steel Pichkaris & Tesu Ke Phool: A Plea to Bring Back Holi Like It Used to Be

    My idea of Holi is old-school Bollywood – pristine white kurtas, do chutki wale rangon ki thaali, and homemade gujiyas with kanji. No synthetic colours, just some good old gulaal. No DJwale babus, but a few neighbourhood women singing folk songs.

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  • rajdhani 50 Years of Rajdhani: India’s Original Social Network

    A country is often defined by the way it travels, and for India, the Rajdhani has served as the quintessential vehicle. The train, which has turned 50, has earned near-cult status as a wistful compromise between affordability and indulgence.

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