What's Up With...

season 1
, 4 episodes

The stories and history behind some of India's most eccentric habits. Are Indian mothers obsessed with feeding their children? Do Indian men get off to bhabhis? Our team of investigators is itching to find out.

Episodes in What's Up With...

  • homophobia What’s Up with India’s Homophobia

    As the Supreme Court prepares to take up the contentious Section 377, we look back at India's relative tolerance to homosexuality, and attempt to figure where it all went wrong. Turns out we have another thing to thank the British for...

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  • NavelObsession What’s Up With India’s Navel Obsession?

    It's no secret that Indians have long been smitten by the humble navel. But in the age of internet porn, why are navels still so titillating? And exactly how did this unique obsession begin?

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  • HindutvaPop What’s Up With India’s Hindutva Pop Obsession?

    From India's hinterland comes a new music sensation, where popular songs are painted saffron. In the run-up to India's general elections, we're asking: What's Up With India Obsession with "Hindutva pop"?

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  • What’s Up With India’s Suhaag Raat Obsession?

    If there's one thing Indians know how to do well, it's the shaadi. And it all builds up to the hallowed first night -- with kesar doodh and a literal bed of roses. Stay with us through the big night, as we ask: What's Up With India's Suhaag Raat Obsession?

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